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Fabulous food trucks will be donating 10% of their profits to Trail Wind PTO! Skip cooking and clean up and choose from Foxy Franks, Mad Mac, MELT, Tiki Teriyaki or Tony's Tamales. Pizza Pie Cafe will also be available by the slice.

This year instead of giving prizes or candy at the games, volunteers will hand out tickets. Tickets can then be used as currency to buy bigger and better prizes from the ALL NEW prize store! The goal, nicer prizes and less waste.

Tickets for rides, candy, snacks and pizza are different than prize tickets. They can be purchased for $1 each, but you will notice you need less of them.

Hamster Balls are replacing the foam cannon this year so you don't need a towel, or swimsuit, or to hear your child whine because you said, "No."

More games will be available this year. Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, Fish Bowl Toss (earn tickets not a fish), and Potato Sack races are the new additions.

There will be an additional ticket sales booth for those cash only customers! Credit cards will still be accepted near the main entrance.

Due to Idaho Lottery requirements we are not holding a raffle. Silent Auction will be bigger than ever including a $5000 value sectional set.

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Hi Trail Wind Community! Election meeting will be held on May 9th at 8:15 AM in the library! Grab your friends and make a morning of attending the meeting after dropping your kids off at the playground. Coffee, Tea or Orange Juice available if you bring your own cup! There will also be donuts, bagels and cream cheese. This is your chance to ask questions about anything PTO related! Concerned about what to do with your Preschooler? They are welcome to join us and we will have coloring sheets for them!

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Please consider running for a position. We would love to have you on our team! You can find descriptions of all positions in the bylaws and nomination forms on the website.

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