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Membership Meeting!

Please join us March 14th @ 3:30 in the Trail Wind Library. During this meeting we will be discussing the upcoming election, including forming an Election Committee and calling for nominations. You will be able to find a nomination form here on the website under the documents tab. April 15th will be the deadline to submit nominations. Please remember that all election related materials must come only from the Election Committee. A special meeting can be called at the end of April for candidates to make their statements to the membership if there is more than one candidate nominated for a position.

We will also be discussing carnival plans, so if you have any ideas please bring them and share! We would love for you to get involved in this event!

There will be the obligatory budget update so that you know how the money your graciously donate is being used. Along these lines, we will discuss direct donation, how the campaign is going and what the money is for.

Another upcoming event to keep your eyes open for will be Bingo Night!

We look forward to seeing you there! Your input is always valued.

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