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Let's Give our Teachers some Love (and Gifts!)

Our amazing teachers and staff spend their days educating and loving our children.  We have a wonderful opportunity to give back to them (and our students) by fulfilling some of their specific classroom-wishes.  Please see Trail Wind teachers' scholastic book account information, Amazon Wish Lists and other classroom-specific giving opportunities, below.​


Teachers and staff: if you have a specific project for which you'd like to receive PTO funding, please fill out this form.

Photo Credit: Honey Hill Studios

Teacher Wish Lists



Each kindergarten teacher has requested Paint Masters' Tempera paint in the rainbow set plus white, black and brown; 1-inch binders for each student

Marylee Dobi:

Amazon Wishlist 

Erin Meeker:

Amazon Wishlist, Scholastic Account, tempura paint in all colors, watercolor trays, colored pencils, classroom snacks

1st Grade

Kris Ball:

Amazon Wishlist, stickers (seasonal and motivational), glue sticks, Lysol wipes, math card games, sets of books for small groups, gallon/quart/sandwich/snack size baggies, boxes of crayons, boxes of markers

Doralicia Riecke:

Amazon Wishlist, Scholastic Account, sanitizing wipes, glue sticks, water color paints

2nd Grade

Malinda Ball

Amazon Wishlist, Scholastic Account, glue sticks, Lysol wipes, markers, address labels

3rd Grade

Karen Narus:

Scholastic Account, Ticonderoga pencils, stickers for papers, small items for prize box (not too expensive), donations to the Boise Schools Foundation account, Teachers Pay Teachers gift card, Amazon gift cards

4th Grade

Jonathan Roesler:

Amazon Wishlistsanitizing wipes

5th Grade

Chris Dinter:

Amazon Wishlist, Scholastic Account


Mike Martin:  

Amazon Wishlist, college-ruled notebooks, pencils, gardening supplies

Elizabeth Gustavel 5th/6th Combo:

Amazon Wishlist

6th Grade

Molly Gustavel: 

Amazon Wishlist, general supplies (markers, pencils, paper, etc.)


Patti Wiseman, Learning Coach:

Amazon Wishlist, small "Mood boosting" gifts for teachers, materials to use with teachers to help them create fun, engaging lessons for their students

Karine Maynard, Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP): 

Amazon Wishlist

Molly Nance, School Psychologist:

Kleenex and wet wipes


Photo  Credit: Honey Hill Studios

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